Data Analytics is the science of processing and examining raw data with the purpose of deriving insights that will give a business that competitive edge. The applications of this are broad and within the consumer driven businesses we align with it will involve;

  • Customer Marketing Strategy: Acquisition, retention and cross sell, customer insights & marketing/campaign optimisation.
  • Credit Risk & Fraud Strategy: Portfolio analysis & insight, scorecard development & validation, data forensics.
  • Product/Portfolio/Price Strategy: Performance reporting, insights & analytics, modelling & optimisation.   
  • Operational Excellence: Human Capital Management, Supply Chain & Logistics, Network Performance and much more. 

The Industry is targeted at large consumer business (i.e. financial services, retail/fmcg, telco, utilities, gaming, NFP etc). Further to this we support the healthy consulting sector and industry of technology vendors who innovate products & services to support this space.   


    Recruitment Partner means so much more to us than just two words. Working in niche markets we strongly believe our core values enable us to thrive where other have failed. As your trusted recruitment partner we are passionate to mould our engagements around; 

    • Honesty & Integrity: It's at the heart of everything we do, enabling us to develop successful long term relationships.
    • Customer Experience: Delivering consultative and insightful engagements, with clear effective communication, emitting positive and motivational energy, always focused on success. 
    • Quality of Delivery: We pride ourselves on the ability to match people with opportunity and skills with requirements, we then effective manage these assignments through to completion.. 

    Our Philosophy is focused around passion, positive energy and  professional ethics which we always deliver with the highest levels of urgency. As a long term member of the community we strongly believe the more people that we help the stronger we will become.