Founded by Ben Cann, a graduate in Business Decision Analytics who brings over ten years’ experience recruiting niche and evolving skill sets across the global Data Analytics community. Through his unique combination of academic training and direct industry exposure, Ben's understanding and appreciation of the Analytics space is second to none. This places him in an exceptional position where he can truly consult to both his clients and candidates providing expert opinion on any Analytical resourcing dilemma or career planning strategy. In such a niche area long term relationships are key and as a result his candidates enjoy the luxury of ongoing, impartial career coaching from a true subject matter expert and his clients obtain access the vast networks of active, passive and sleeping candidate pools, receiving only profiles with the perfect blend of technical and professional expertise they desire.

We understand that the corporate world moves quickly and the markets we operate in are constantly changing. To ensure our competitive edge we monitor, plan and innovate solutions for this landscape that forms the basis of everything we deliver.   

  • The Data Analytics Industry exploded at an exponential rate, with new data, tools & technologies coming online. The ability businesses have to leverage these innovations is now essential to ensure a competitive edge. The explosion results in skilled candidate demand far exceeding the supply.
  • The Recruitment Industry has also changed and the one-size-fits-all approach no longer applies. Whilst internal teams can leverage innovations in candidate delivery to satisfy volume requirements, recruitment partners are called upon to supplement the process and identify specialist talent at a senior level or within niche & evolving areas of the business.

We believe that within these exciting and challenging times there is a crucial need for a highly skilled & well networked Data Analytics Recruitment Partner who can offer the strategies, solutions and results to successfully negotiate this niche employment sector.

  • Clients demand a Recruitment Partner who truly understands specific niches within their business. Who can support their highly demanding and fast passed environment by delivering compelling market insights, strong brand representation and specific niche skill sets against tight time and cost constraints. 
  • Candidates deserve a trusted career mentor who truly understands their employment landscape and can identify the specific opportunities that meet their demands. A career coach who will support them through the recruitment process to secure that dream position and then provide a longterm partnership that ensure ultimate career goals are achieved.

We are here to provide tailored recruitment solutions to the clients and candidates of the Data Analytics community. We leverage our unique understanding of this employment sector and our extensive recruitment expertise to ensure all of our clients needs and candidates aspirations are fully qualified, understood and achieved.  

To discuss how one of our tailored recruitment solutions will satisfy your resourcing and career planning needs please get in touch..

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